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Dollar Land is a strange dollar store featured in the episode Dollar Land and its remake.

Description Edit

Dollar Land, at a glance, is a pretty typical American-style dollar store. The store is dramatically decrepit and unwelcoming compared to real dollar stores, and has a weird vibe, with flickering lights and an unmoving, expressionless clerk at the register. The store's "gimmick" is that you literally cannot leave until you buy something, as you will be teleported back to the center of the store.

Things that Dollar Land Sells Edit

  • Rodney Horse Toys
  • A doll of a girl that resembles Rosette from Hellfire vs. the Officeman
  • Splats
  • "Mini Snak" snacks
  • "Funny Animal" toys
  • Pencil Sharpeners
  • Acoustical Sealant
  • Georgio & Friend
  • "CUTE Baby" which is actually a mislabeled toy hippopotamus
  • Rat, snake, and fish leashes
  • Singing and dancing Christmas reindeer toys
  • "Party popers" (likely a typo, as noted by Pementa)
  • "Frunk Gunks"
  • Yo-yos
  • DVDs
    • "The Animated Story of Genghis Khan" DVD
  • Computer games
    • "Bottled Water Billionaire"
    • "3D Puppy Fetch"
    • "357-in-1 Games"
    • "Zing Bop 3"
    • "Cow? Zoodle Ka Doo!"

Appearance Edit

The store appears out of no where one day while Mugman was walking back down the road after buying a drink. It caused the area around it to become dark and muted, and scarred Onion O'Riely badly. The store disappeared after Mugman and Pementa left. It is unknown what became of the clerk.

Trivia Edit

  • Dollar Land seems to be based off of at least one real life dollar store, as seen in Jacob Lenard's "reference images" for the episode, seen in the credits and on his twitter.
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