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Dollar Land Redux is an episode of Mugman. Initially thought to be a scrapped sequel, this episode was revealed as a remake of the original Dollar Land episode and is the debut of Pementa's new voice actress Zia Amador.

Plot Edit

Mugman and Pementa are talking a walk. Pementa is discussing ViroMonsters, her favorite franchise of Pokémon-like collectible creatures. Suddenly, a dark and ominous dollar store appears on the street to their left, and Pementa's curiosity drags the two into the store. After looking at some bizarre merchandise, the two enter a shared hallucination before they are (presumably) kicked out, as the episode ends abruptly.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was originally thought to be a "sequel" to the original episode and was possibly going to be the final appearance of Emarie as Pementa.
  • Jacob says in the comments in YouTube, stated that this is the last Mugman episode animated in Paint.NET. This results Jacob to use Mugman in Adobe Animate CC (Adobe Flash) only.
  • This is the first episode where Pementa cries.
  • The music: Face Without Eyes was basically a Mugman OST where Mugman & Pementa enters a shared hallucination.
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