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"Y'know... maybe my cartoon's ran its course. So uh... I'm outta here."

– Mugman

"Farewell" is the third and final episode of Season 3 of Mugman. It was released on November 4, 2017.

It was officially the series finale to Mugman, however two more cartoons starring the character were produced afterward. The episode was privatized to prevent new viewers from watching this. However, thanks to the Mugman Archive. the video has been found again.


After over a year of going nowhere, Mugman's cartoon finally comes to a close.


Mugman stands in an empty white void next to the series logo and a description for the episode.

Mugman tries to think of an idea for the episode, but ultimately can't think of anything and decides to pack up his bags and end the cartoon. Pementa pops out from the side of the screen as Mugman walks away, looking confused.

Mugman walks over to a pond and looks at his reflection, the reflection is his old design. He looks up at the sky and sees characters that got discarded over the years (Teanna, Papa and Johnny).

Mugman hops onto Sunshine and rides into the sunset, lamenting "maybe we'll find work elsewhere, Sunshine".

The final shot says "Thanks for watching!".





  • This is one of the most viewed cartoons on the Lenstar Productions channel, with over 100K views as of January 2021.
  • The episode is currently unlisted on the channel, likely due to the creator's dislike of Mugman's later run.
  • This is the first appearance of Papa, Johnny and Teanna since season 2.


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The transcript for Farewell can be seen "here".