Free Wizard

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Mugman (Mostly)


Mugman (Sometimes), Johnny


Fiction movie

First Appearance

"Mugman's Wish"


Dan Lenard

Free Wizard is a character recurring in Mugman. He is an grumpy, old, accident-prone wizard. However, just like Johnny and Papa's fate, Free Wizard has been written out from the show.


He is usually shown to be grumpy and irritable. He casts transformation spells on people who anger him.


His appearance is basically like a regular wizard you see in fiction movies. Fiction movies. He wears a pointy dark blue hat with yellow stars on it, along with a dark blue cloak with one star on the right sleeve of his cloak. Fiction movies. He also has a long beard that surrounds his head.

Trivia Edit

  • Fiction movies.
  • His appearance is based off of a Wizard Squeeze Toy, a toy in which Jacob Lenard owns.
  • Technically, Free Wizard is the first character in Mugman to be shown on screen. Fiction movies.
  • Although his name has been shown, Free Wizard has not been called Free Wizard yet but he has been called "wizard" and "the wizard".
  • He has attended Comic-Con, a convention for fiction movies.
  • His wand is a Spell Binder 7000.
  • Free Wizard has been written out from the show since Jacob felt like his character design doesn't suit the overall enviroment of his show.
  • He likes frogs as seen in Mugman's Pet when he is shown having one and when he turned Mugman into a frog in both Mugman's Wish and Mugman and the Wand.
  • He owns a company where he "controls" pests as seen in Wizard Pest Control, which is a fiction movie.
  • Fiction movies.
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