Hook, Line & Saucer is the fourth episode from season 2. It is the fourteenth episode overall.

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Mugman loses one of his previous "saucers from famous shipwrecks" in a pond at the park and attempts to retrieve it.

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Mugman is walking in the park with a saucer he presumably bought from a recent flea market. Nearby, Onion O'Riely and his son are playing catch with a football. Onion has a poor aim and throws the ball over his son's head, resulting in it accidentally colliding with Mugman, knocking the saucer out of his hand and into a nearby shallow pond. Mugman considers going in after it, but has a flashback to the last time he attempted to swim, sinking like a rock and not emerging again. He then calls Teanna, who is swimming at a gym. She agrees to come help Mugman, but tells him it will be at least an hour. He then reclines under a shady tree while waiting for Teanna. Suddenly, Mugman hears Johnny taunting a squirrel by holding an acorn in a toy arm. Mugman asks if he can borrow the arm, which Johnny then thrusts at him and continues to taunt the squirrel, which then attacks Johnny. Mugman reaches into the pond using the mechanical arm, but cannot grab the saucer; instead he retrieves several items including a bag belonging to "D. B. Cooper" and an electric eel. He then sees the Wizard, and frantically asks him for help. The Wizard, as usual, turns Mugman into a frog, confusing Mugman, and leaving. Mugman at first wonders how it would help, but then determines that he can now swim, and retrieves the saucer just as Teanna arrives, grumbling "Really? I ended my shift an hour early for this?" and ending the episode.

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  • While this episode was being produced, Jacob Lenard had fans submit art to his twitter to be the title card. The art used was by Angelo Furfaro. Several other submissions are shown in the background of the credits.
  • This is one of the episodes to use both 2D and 3D rendered animation, the other being The Big-Mouthed Bumbler.
  • This is the first episode where we see Onion O'Riely's only known son.
  • Mugman finds a bag which reads "Property of D. B. Cooper." D. B. Cooper is a nickname given to a famous aircraft robber who vanished after hijacking a Boeing 727 in 1971.


Mugman Hook, Line & Saucer

Mugman Hook, Line & Saucer

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