Johny Johny Yes Papa - Funny Nursery Rhyme for Kids is a 9-second long cartoon created by Jacob Lenard, prior to creating the Mugman series.

Description Edit

The cartoon has an animation style very similar to Mugman, and is the debut appearance of Papa and Johnny. The background is painted with watercolors, unlike the digitally-drawn backgrounds in Mugman. The "story" follows the first part of the infamous "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa" rhyme that is commonly found on YouTube, but Johnny responds by saying "I ain't eating your FUCKING sugar dad! Goddamn it!" and smashes the jar of sugar on the floor.

An unfinished sequel was released some time after the first two Mugman videos were uploaded to Jacob's channel.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the debut appearance of Papa and Johnny, voiced by Matthew Short and Eli Wedekind, respectively. These voice actors have reprized their roles for Mugman, and only minor changes have been made to their designs and personalities.
  • This cartoon parodies the plethora of cheap Johny, Johny cartoons available on YouTube.
  • This short, along with The Dups episode, "The Mugger", could be considered the precursors of Mugman.
  • Parts of Johnny and Papa's house are revealed in this cartoon and its unfinished sequel, but the Johnny cartoons are most likely non-canon to Mugman.
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