Shock is the Season 5th Mugman episode written and animated by Jacob Lenard and also written by Dan Lenard.

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Teanna Is Scared of Lightning.

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The episode starts off with Teanna Cleaning Up her First Shirt, Mugman Watches T.V And Pementa Playing with Her toys. Then Sunny Weather Shows up to see the clouds to You and It's Sunny out, but the sun and Blue Sky is covered with Dark Grayed Clouds Due To Storm. Then the rain starts to rain, Then The lightning Strike Starts With Shock and then Teanna looks into the windows and see lightning And Get's scared, Teanna packed up things and Teanna Grabbed everything to Teanna's Room, Then Teanna's Door Closed and then Mugman's House Closed down, And Mugman, pementa, and Teanna Take's Shelter in teanna's Bed Room, Then Teanna is still scared of lightning, Mugman Asked teanna "Why are you scared?" Then Teanna Don't wanna answer. Then Mugman Skip Asking, And Mugman And Pementa Get's To Sleep, And Wait for an hour until 7:00, And Teanna Checks the window and then the clouds are going away, The Shock Is Afraid of the sun and Goes Away, Then Teanna is happy then Teanna Packed Up In Mugman's Room And Bring back Mugman and pementa to Teanna's Room, Then Mugman's House was reopened, ending this episode.

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  • This is the first appearance of Shock.
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