Mugman's Headphones is the seventh main episode of Mugman and the tenth animation overall.


Mugman borrows a pair of headphones from Pementa.


Mugman is dancing to music in his room when Teanna barges in and shuts it off. When asked why she shut it off, Teanna says she hates the music, and tells Mugman to get some headphones. Mugman doesn't have any, so Teanna lends him her earbuds. When Mugman uses the earbuds, he finds that the quality is horrendous, and takes them out. He then runs over to Pementa's house to borrow a pair.

Mugman begins dancing to his music once more, even going around town to dance, amazing the townfolk. When Mugman goes into his room again, the cords catch around his doorknob, and they snap. Mugman gets worried about what Pementa might do to him, but then shrugs it off. When he realizes that it's sunset, he sulks, realizing that he must give them back to Pementa. He then finds Pementa on a hilltop, relaxing and listening to music. When Mugman is confessing to Pementa, she says to Mugman that she has a second pair. Pementa then kisses Mugman on his cheek, and Mugman leaves. Pementa gets angry that Mugman didn't kiss her back, and snaps her pair of headphones, ending the episode.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Teanna
  • Hellfire (cameo)
  • Johnny
  • Jamie
  • Onion O'Riely                                                                                                                                                    ◾  Chickpea


  • When Pementa opens her door to give Mugman the Headphones, she opens it from the wrong side, as she opens it from the hinges. This also happens in "Sunshine's Dinner".
  • When Teanna barges into Mugman's room, the puppy on Mugman's "Puppy Time Pizza Power" poster looks at Teanna, worried.
  • This is the first episode to use different music for the credits; instead of "Credits Theme," it's "Mugman's Zydeco."
  • If you can hear closely, Teanna's Roar is the MGM Lion's Roar


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