[Mugman is listening to his music out loud and dancing. Teanna stomps into the doorway of Mugman's bedroom.]

Teanna: *Roars*

[Teanna jumps in and slams pause button on music player.]

Teanna: *Breathes heavily*

Mugman: You don't like zydeco?

Teanna: No, it all sounds the same!

Mugman: Hey, I don't judge your music...

Teanna: Look, if you're going to listen to music, at least get some headphones.

Mugman: But I don't have any!

Teanna: Uh... Here, use my ear buds.

Mugman: Ugh, I hate the ear buds...

Teanna: Well, you better get used to 'em. Either that, or get a pair of headphones.

Mugman: [Puts in ear buds and listens to music with horrible quality, and they pop out] I am not using these... Wait, I think I know who I can borrow a pair from...

[Transitions to road outside of Pementa's house. Mugman runs and crashes through Pementa's front door and knocks at her bedroom door.]

Mugman: *knock knock knock*

[Nothing happens.]

Mugman: *knock knock knock*

[Pementa is listening to music with her headphones on.]

Mugman: *knock knock* ... *knock knock knock* ... *knock knock knock*... Pementa? Pementa...

Pementa finally hears him, notices it's Mugman, fixes up her hair and runs to the door.

Mugman: Well, guess she's not-

Pementa: [slams door open, squishing Mugman behind it] M-Mugman?

Mugman: ...I'm here Pementa...

[Pementa pulls back door]

Pementa: Mugmaaan! [pulls Mugman off of wall] So, uh... what brings you here?

Mugman: Got a pair of headphones I could borrow?

[Pementa runs into her room and returns with headphones identical to the ones we saw her wearing.]

Pementa: Here ya go!

Mugman: Wow... thanks!

Pementa: Yep! Just... just be careful with them.

Mugman: Alright. Thank you Pementa! I'll give them back by the end of the day.

[Mugman leaves]

Pementa: [Oddly happy] I know he's gonna screw up!

[Transtitions to Mugman's room, where he uses his headphones and begins dancing to his zydeco. Teanna walks in, and can't hear the music, so she smiles and walks off. Mugman dances to his music in the yard, on the street, on the couch, and runs back toward his room. The headphones get caught on the knob and the wire snaps. The music stops. Mugman realizes that he broke the headphones and looks worried. Scene fades to Mugman walking down the sidewalk.]

Mugman: Oh my god, I can't believe I broke 'em. What is she gonna do? [Mugman imagines scenarios of what Pementa would do] What if she ties me to a chair and makes me listen to Europop? What if she hangs me from a tree with them? What if she just gets angry at me? [stops imagining] Nah, Pementa wouldn't do that. [Mugman has a flashback. He and Pementa are walking down the street and pass Johnny.]

Johnny: He-hey, toots!

[Pementa punches Johnny over. Flashback-Mugman looks at the viewer, worried. Flashback ends. Mugman notices the sun setting.]

Mugman: Wow, what a beautiful sunset...

[Mugman realizes what time it is.]

Mugman: The end of the day! Better face the music...

[Transitions to a scene of Mugman walking up to Pementa to return the headphones.]

Mugman: Pementa, I broke your headphones. I was carrying 'em around and they got caught against my door, and then they snapped, and then... now they're broken and the- [notices that she is wearing an identical pair of headphones] wait, what... what is that?

Pementa: Oh, this? It's my other pair. Pears... good fruit.

Mugman: So uh.. you're not mad?

Pementa: Oh Mugman, I'd never get mad at you! Mmmmwah! *kisses Mugman on the cheek*

[Moment of silence.]

Mugman: Aw, thanks! See ya Pementa!

[Mugman leaves.]

Pementa: ...What? N...NOTHING? NNNNN!!! *breaks headphones in half*

[The episode ends.]

Deleted Scene Edit

[Mugman slips across room with tire skidding sound]

Mugman: Whoops! Should probably fix that on my way out.

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