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Mugman's Pet is the third main episode in Mugman and the fourth animation overall. It was written and animated by Jacob Lenard. It was also written by Dan Lenard.


Mugman gets a very unusual pet.



Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • This is the first appearance of Sunshine.
  • Many characters from The Dups can be seen in this animation.
  • The music used at the beginning is music used from a cancelled game called "Hellfire vs. The Officeman", it was meant to be used in Hellfire's apartment.
  • It took about 5 hours for Jacob to export the episode, but one scene looked "unpolished". When he exported it into another file, it went in a normal speed.


  • In the beginning of the short, HellFire is walking a cat along the sidewalk. Near the end of the short, he has a dog.
    • Also near the end, his tie disappears.
  • Mugman and Sunshine's walk cycles near the end get choppy, with Sunshine's being more noticeable.


The image gallery for Mugman's Pet may be viewed here.


The transcript for Mugman's Pet can be seen "here".

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