(The episode begins with the door being opened by Mugman, who has gotten very wet)

Mugman: Ugh. (pours water out of his mug, then walks inside) Come on, Sunshine. That's the last time I leaved the window open. (Sunshine walks inside) Oh my god, I'm a mess.

(Sunshine shakes mud all over Mugman, then leaves)

Mugman: Really? I think this calls for a shower.

(Mugman goes to the dishwasher and opens it, about to shower)

Mugman: (muffled, offscreen) Teanna, can you hit the start button?

(Teanna comes in the room and presses the start button)

Mugman: Ahhhhh...

(Episode ends, but then it continues)

(Mugman's body is shinier as he gets out of the dishwasher)

Mugman: (in a triumphant voice) I am a new man! (normal voice) Teanna, it's your turn!

(Sunshine shakes mud all over Mugman again, then Teanna comes into the room)

Teanna: Really?

(The episode ends)

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