Mugman's Snowman is the first short animation of Mugman and the third animation overall.


Mugman's snowman comes to life!


Mugman is seen doing the finishing touches on his snowman. He happily says that he finally finished with his snowman and puts a mug on it. After Mugman puts the mug on his snowman, it comes to life. Mugman gets surprised and says, "He's alive". The snowman asks Mugman if he could be friends but then Teanna crushes him with her shovel. Mugman asks her why she did it and she replies that one of him was enough. The animation ends with Teanna leaving Mugman alone and tells her snowman to follow her.



  • This is the only main media of Mugman to have Mugman not voiced by his actor Jacob Lenard.
  • Jacob Lenard stated that Teanna acted out of character in this short.



(Mugman is almost done finishing his snowman. He walks away from the snowman to take a look at it.)

Mugman: Yes! I finished my snowman! Oh, wa- wait a second, I forgot one thing.

(Mugman pops a red mug on top of the snowman.)

(All of a sudden, the snowman shines and a harp plays.)

Snowman: It's me, snowman!

Mugman: (excited) He's alive!

Snowman: Let's be frie--

{Out of nowhere, a snow shovel crushes the snowman, scaring Mugman. Teanna walks on-screen, revealing SHE was the one who destroyed the snowman.)

Mugman: ...why did you do that?!

Teanna: Mugman, one of you was enough.

(Mugman looks on the floor sadly.)

Mugman: Mmmh...

Teanna: Come on, Snow Teanna.

(Teanna walks away, as Snow Teanna slowly slides on the floor, following her.)

(The words HAPPY HOLIDAYS! and More videos coming soon. appear on screen.)

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