Mugman's Wish is the first Mugman cartoon and main episode directed, developed, written and animated by Jacob Lenard and also written by Dan Lenard.


Mugman finds a wizard and expects him to grant a wish.


One day, Mugman is walking along the sidewalk when he stops at a Wizard, who is standing on the sidewalk. He notices the wand the Wizard has, and tells him he wishes for a second arm. The Wizard is not amused, and goes back to ignoring Mugman. When Mugman inquires about his wish, the Wizard gets annoyed and snaps at Mugman, telling him that he's not a genie. Free Wizard then casts a spell on Mugman, turning him into a frog, ending the episode.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • This episode reveals Mugman was born with just one arm.
  • Mr. Bob from The Dups, Crunk from Super Crunk Brothers, the Officeman and HellFire from HellFire vs. the Officeman make cameos in the cars that pass by.
  • The short was originally supposed to be a one-time short of Mugman, but it eventually spread into it's own series.
  • According to Jacob Lenard, this short took about two months to make.
  • Mugman's personality has changed slightly over time since this video, being much nuttier and hazardous.

Full CreditsEdit

A Cartoon Created by Jacob Lenard

Delevoped for Television by Jacob Lenard

Written by Jacob and Dan Lenard

Directed by Jacob Lenard


  • Mugman - Jacob Lenard
  • Free Wizard - Dan Lenard

Music by Jacob Lenard


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