[Free Wizard is standing on the sidewalk watching cars pass by and Mugman walks and stand next to him]

Mugman: [He looks at Free Wizard] Excuse me sir, but are you a wizard? [He points at him]

Free Wizard: Yeaaaah?

[Mugman makes a surprised face]

Mugman: [in his head] Wizards grant wishes! This could be my chance to wish for a second arm! [talks out loud to Free Wizard] I wish I had a second arm! [he smirks]

Free Wizard: [carelessly] That's great, kid.

[A moment of silence happens]

Mugman: Yo-you.. Are you going to grant my wish? [A moment of silence occurs again.] Kinda need a second arm... I was born without one... Kinda sad... [he begs] Oh come on sir! Oh please, oh please I need an arm!

Free Wizard: [In his head] Damn, I wish this light would change already...

Mugman: Come on man all the things I can do with two arms! [He lists everything he can do and takes the item out] I can golf, type, read the newspaper, use a phone, play the opal, do brain surgery, SHELL PISTACHIOS! [Throws the pistachio, while Free Wizard shivers in fear] Come on man! I really need two arms!... C'mon, c'mon, please, please, grant my wish, grant my wish, grant my wish!

[Mugman keeps babbling as Free Wizard thinks in his mind:]

Free Wizard: {in his head] Will this kid ever shut UP?

Mugman: You're a wizard! You're a wizard! You can grant wishes! C'mon!

Free Wizard: [growls as face turns red] Do I look like a genie?

[Mugman stops as he looks at Free Wizard blankly.]

Mugman: ...w-what?

Free Wizard: Do I look like a genie?

Mugman: Well, I-I...

Free Wizard: NO! Wizards don't grant wishes! [leans towards Mugman] You know what we do?

Mugman: I-I... [points index finger up] I--

Free Wizard: We cast spells! Like THIS!

[Free Wizard smacks his wand at Mugman, which turns him into a toad.]

Free Wizard: [says as he walks away] Why does everyone think I'm a genie? I don't...

Mugman: [sighs] I guess I'm Mr. One Arm... [waves his right arm around] Oh well...

[I said RIGHT arm, didn't I? The spell made him turn into a toad, in which a toad has 4 legs. 2 of them which are arms. As Mugman realizes this, he looks at both of his arms.]

Mugman: Eh, it'll do for now. [grins at the camera, camera fades out]

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