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Mugman Can't Sleep is the fourth main Mugman episode and the seventh animation overall. It was written and animated by Jacob Lenard and also written by Dan Lenard.


Mugman has trouble falling asleep.



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  • Jacob Lenard originally started this video in November of 2014 but kept it on hold in favor of making "Mugman's Pet".
  • This episode features the first appearance of Pementa.
  • The grinder on Pementa's head is different than in later episodes.
  • It was never mentioned what Mugman wanted to wake up early for.
  • The picture in the background of the TV scene might be Mugman and Teanna's parents.
  • The cassowary documentary is literally a Wikipedia reading of the article for cassowaries.[1]

Errors Edit

  • Teanna's pajamas change halfway through the video. At first, it's a nightgown. Later, it's a smaller nightgown with shorts.


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