Mugman Saves Grandma is a scrapped episode of "Mugman". It was animated sometime during 2017. It was never finished due to a hard drive failure.

An unfinished clip was released to Lemur Extras on February 1, 2018.

Judging from the title, it would've revolved around Mugman helping his grandmother.

Clip Edit

In the clip released on Lemur Extras, Mugman barges through Grandma's door, Pementa picks the door back up and smahses through it and Sunshine walks through and throws a brick at a flower pot smashing it.

Mugman rushes into Grandma's kitchen and sees her swiping at a fly with her phone.

Characters Edit

Mugman Saves Grandma (Scrapped)

Mugman Saves Grandma (Scrapped)

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