Mugman Vs. The Heat is a scrapped short of Mugman. Only 2 storyboards and an mp3 can be found of the cartoon.

Untitled Ice Cream Animation Storyboard



Title Card of Mugman Vs. The Heat (Parody)


  • The lines that were meant to be in this video can be heard here.
  • Scammers was drawn, and is hidden in the sites files which can be viewed here.
  • Scammer is based off of a character from The Dups, known as "Scammers".
  • However, there was a parody of Mugman Vs. The Heat which was made by a user here. (The parody version includes Mugman, Sunshine, Johnny, and Scammers which Teanna doesn't appear in the parody. The person said that it has poor animation and it has over 500 or 600 views in the parody video.)
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