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Mugman and the Wand is the tenth Mugman episode and is the fourteenth animation overall. It was animated by Jacob Lenard.


Mugman gets hold of Free Wizard's wand. He accidentally turned Teanna into a squirrel.



Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]


The thumbnail image of the toon, as seen on the site's data from June 12th.

  • Before the toon's release, as early as June 12th, the on-site preview for the toon was found in the data. This was also proof Sunshine was going to be in the episode.
  • It is revealed that Free Wizard isn't the only wizard in the Mugman universe.
  • It is also revealed that Teanna had a boyfriend but broke up with him.
  • A tweet from Jacob Lenard said that this episode was the last of Season 1, which confirms that there are seasons on Mugman.


The gallery for Mugman and the Wand can be found here.


The transcript for "Mugman and the Wand" can be found here.