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Pementa's Page was a website blog "created" by Pementa (written by Jacob Lenard and Eli Wedekind.) Pementa posts updates about her life, her hatred of Johnny, and her crush on Mugman. She also had a section where she answers email questions.


Website banner for Pementa's Page

Pementa's Page was made to look like a site created in the late '90s/early 2000s era, with a tiled background image, plain text, animated GIFs, and blog entry dates from April 13th, 1999 to August 15th, 2002. There are two main parts to Pementa's website:

Main blog entries[]

Pementa's blog entries discuss aspects of her personal life, such as her sister, her crush on Mugman, her love of Pokémon, capybaras, and macaroni and cheese, as well as reminiscing of her own pet capybara, Wompy. She also talks about how "evil" Johnny is, and how much he annoys her.

Email answers[]

Pementa answers emails regarding her and her personal life. Whenever a reader sends an email suggesting the current year, Pementa responds surprised or confused about people emailing her "from the future," insisting that it is currently 2002.[1]


  • Much of the posts have some elements that appear in later Mugman episodes.
  • She closed it because she didn't like doing it anymore, and added a cat leading the way out, but the real reason by Jacob Lenard still remains unknown.
  • Jacob Lenard recently confirmed in the comments of the New Years '16 video that Pementa's Page was never canon.
  • In a post of the 8th of July, Pementa revealed that Mugman's Birthday is the 29th of October