Pementa's Sister is a scrapped "Mugman" episode. It was animated sometime before/during Summer 2015. The plot would've revolved around Pementa's sister, Saltine.

On November 5, 2018, a video titled "Unfinished Mugman Stuff" was uploaded on to the Lenstar Extras channel, in it, there is a clip from the episode where Mugman is greeted by Saltine at Pementa's front door. Her audio is muted in the clip for unknown reasons, likely due to legal reasons.[1]

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In the unfinished clip, Mugman walks up to Pementa's house and knocks on the door. It is answered by Saltine, Pementa's sister, who Mugman appears to be afraid of. Mugman says hi to her, Saltine is animated talking to Mugman but there is no audio, Mugman responds to whatever he said by looking concerned and patting his head/torso. Inside the house, Pementa is drawing. She finishes a drawing of "Big Jef" and slaps it on the wall with other drawings. Pementa runs out of the room, past her parents in the living room and towards Mugman at the front door, but she is tripped by Saltine and lands face first at the door step. Saltine stops for a second and seemingly regrets her actions, but then shakes it off and continues walking. Pementa is sad on the ground and Mugman asks if she's okay. She gets up, yells his name and hugs him.

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The thumbnail image of the toon, as seen on the site's data from June 12th.

  • Before the toon's release, as early as June 12, 2015 the on-site preview for the toon was found in the data.
  • Saltine would've been voiced by Lori Alan, who is best known as the voice of Pearl from SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • All Lemur made it through the video can be found here.

Video Edit

Unfinished Mugman Stuff

Unfinished Mugman Stuff

Clip from the episode starts at 3:10

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