Rock Tennis is the second short in Mugman and the fifth animation overall. It was written and animated by Jacob Lenard and also written by Dan Lenard.


Johnny plays a destructive game of "Rock Tennis".


Johnny is seen on the sidewalk with a tennis racket and a pile of rocks. He serves a few rocks and aims at driving cars and laughs whenever he hits one. Mugman stops by and asks what he was doing. Johnny replies that he was playing rock tennis. Mugman confusingly replies why he's doing it and Johnny shows him. Johnny serves another rock and hits a car that starts screeching and then makes a big crash. Johnny quickly runs behind a tree and Free Wizard stops next to Mugman with bruises and asks him who did it. Mugman points at the tree Johnny was hiding behind. To himself, Johnny says that he will be safe behind the tree he was hiding behind and then notices Free Wizard was right next to him. Free Wizard angrily asks him if destroying property was fun and turns Johnny into a rock, hits him with a racket and breaks a window. Johnny hurts from the hit and Free Wizard tells him that he just got SERVED.



  • This is the second time Free Wizard has turned someone into an object.
  • This is the first Mugman episode that does not have the name "Mugman" in it.
  • This was inspired by a childhood story of Samantha DaCosta.


The image gallery for Rock Tennis may be viewed here.


The transcript for Rock Tennis can be seen "here".

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