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Salt grinder


None Known


None Known


Pementa (sister), Gene Peppershaker (father), Diane (mother)

First Appearance

The Big-Mouthed Bumbler (episode) (cameo appearance)



Saltine is Pementa's sister and a character that was originally going to appear in the scrapped episode "Pementa's Sister", but is now an occasional background character.


Originally, Saltine was supposed to be mean, sadistic, and likes to make fun of people. She was later changed to a stereotypical teenage cell phone junkie. Nothing else is known about her.


Saltine is a tall salt grinder with a mean attitude. Originally, her eyes were tiny and she had a very short and black hair style. In her re-design, her eye size increased, possibly to match the style of most of the Mugman characters. Her hair is now longer and it's brown-gray, similar to her dad's hair color.

Cartoon AppearanceEdit

Saltine has appeared in unfinished clips from the scrapped episode "Pementa's Sister," albeit in a very prototypical fashion. She was about to appear in Rain Dodger, but she was scrapped since Jacob thought that it was unnecessary. She also appeared in the episode "Teanna's Job", and it is currently her latest appearance on the show.


  • The episode "Pementa's Sister" was scrapped because Jacob Lenard couldn't find a suitable voice actor for Saltine, as well as he did not enjoy making the episode.
    • She was once going to be voiced by Lori Alan, best known for the voice of Pearl from SpongeBob Squarepants and The Boss from the Metal Gear Solid series, but due to regulations to voice acting , she couldn't appear.
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