Search for Wedgewood was the first episode of "Welcome to Wedgewood", a completely new series starring Mugman and Sunshine. This is the only episode to ever come out as it was cancelled by the creator.

It was released on November 28, 2017.

Synopsis Edit

Mugman and Sunshine search for a new home.

Plot Edit

Mugman is riding Sunshine throughout a desert, lamenting that he'll miss his home town. It's revealed Mugman's hometown had to nuclear testing, soon after, an explosion from his hometown is heard off-screen.

Mugman notes that there's a place called "Wedgewood" up ahead and he tells Sunshine to keep going.

Mugman comes across "Car World", where everyone is a car. They do not like people who aren't cars, so they start chasing Mugman and Sunshine. They eventually outrun them due to the cars not being able to speed across a red light.

After searching for so long, Mugman and Sunshine go through a trippy acid sequence, which ends with Mugman being trapped in the sky.

The narrator tells the audience to tune in next time to see if Mugman finds Wedgewood, but that never happens since episode 2 was cancelled.

Characters Edit

Major Edit

Minor Edit

  • Car people (debut)

Trivia Edit

  • While the short has a completely different continuity from "Mugman", it starts off right where "Farewell" left off, with Mugman and Sunshine searching for something new.

Episode Edit

Mugman- Search for Wedgewood

Mugman- Search for Wedgewood

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