Sunshine's Checkup is the latest Mugman episode from the original run.

Plot: Edit

Mugman takes Sunshine to the vet for his annual checkup; things do not go well.

The Story: Edit

Sunshine is sleeping but Mugman wakes him up saying it's time for him to go the vet. He is scared that Mugman has to push him there. When they finally get there Mugman sits down and wonders where Sunshine is (he's under the chair).They go to the room where Phil checks him. He notices that his claws were too big and tried to trim them. Phil lastly gives him a shot and then after Sunshine attacks him. Mugman says to the receptionist that they're done.The receptionist says she you next time, causing Sunshine to run home and fall asleep. Mugman crashes to the wall and states "Maybe one year is too much".

Cast: Edit

Mugman- Jacob Lenard

Sunshine/Phil - Dan Lenard

Receptionist - Marcy Lenard

Gabel - No one.

Trivia: Edit

  • Phil is revealed to be a vet.
  • One of the dog pictures seen by Phil's office is Jacob Lenard's dog.
  • The animation quality was poor compared to other earlier episodes. This is due to Jacob stating that it only took him 3 days to finish it and he wanted it to be completed quickly.
  • This is the first time cartoonlover98 contributed to the Mugman series - the title card was made by him .
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