Sunshine's Dinner is the sixth main episode of Mugman and the ninth animation overall. It was written and animated by Jacob Lenard.


Sunshine is hungry.


Sunshine is sleeping when he is awoken by his rumbling tummy. He looks in his food bowl, but it is empty. He tries to get Teanna to do it, but she is not in her room. Just then, Mugman comes home, only to realize that he is out of Cassowary food.

He walks a grumpy Sunshine to the pet store. Along the way, Sunshine hisses at other pedestrians on the street. He shows up at the store, and Phil instantly recognizes Mugman and Sunshine. As Sunshine wreaks havoc in the store, Mugman inadvertently negotiates for a free bag of Cassowary food. Phil states "I HATE that cassowary" as they leave the store.

Mugman returns home and feeds Sunshine the entire bag of cassowary food. The episode ends with Mugman saying "I wish this came in a bigger bag."


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  • When Teanna opens the door after Sunshine knocks, she opens the door the wrong way, as the doorknob is not on the side she opens.
  • This is the third Mugman episode to not have the name "Mugman" in it, the first being "Rock Tennis" and the other one being "The Cricket".
  • Half of the animation is recycled from a cartoon that was scrapped in February in a tweet from Lemur.
  • This episode marks the first speaking role of Pementa, albeit briefly. It is also the only time Manami Treadwell voices her.
  • The episode was originally "Mugman's girlfriend", but was scrapped.


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