Sunshine is sleeping in his usual place in the living room. Suddenly, he is awoken by his stomach growing. He sees that his bowl is empty and tries to get Teanna to fill it, but she slams the door. Mugman then arrives outside.]

Mugman: Bye Pementa!

Pementa: Bye Mugman!

[Mugman enters his house and sees Sunshine holding his food bowl in his mouth.]

Mugman: Oh yeah, I need to feed you.

[Mugman goes to the kitchen cupboard to find that it is empty.]

Mugman: What? There's no more? Coulda swore I bought more the other day...

[Mugman walks toward the door of his house.]

Mugman: Well, off to the pet store.

Sunshine: *Growls angrily*

[Fade out and in to scene of Mugman walking Sunshine down the street. They pass Onion O'Riely.]

Sunshine: *Hisses*

Onion: Aah!

[Onion runs offscreen in panic. They pass Free Wizard.]

Sunshine: *Hisses*

Free Wizard: Aah!

[The Wizard runs offscreen in panic.]

Mugman: Sunshine, you really have to hiss at everyone?

They pass Papa.

Sunshine: *Hisses*

[Papa stops and turns around. He follows Sunshine and points at him.]

Papa: (Angrily) Hey! What's with the hissin'? Ya think it's funny?

Sunshine: *Hisses louder*

[Mugman, Sunshine and Papa stop walking. It is silent. Papa stands for a moment as Sunshine glares at him, and finally backs off screen looking worried. Sunshine walks ahead of Mugman. They arrive at the pet store and enter. Phil is smiling at the register until he sees Mugman.]

Phil: Oh, it's you again...

Mugman: Hi...

[Sunshine walks right by him and into the store.]

Mugman: (Stutters) Eh- s- Sunshine, where ya goin'?

[Comedic sound effects in the distance as Sunshine tears up the pet store looking for food.]

Phil: Yeah, so uh, what is it you need?

Mugman: Uh, s- some cassowary food...

Phil: Here, just take this, as long as you get outta here!

[Phil lifts up a bag labeled "CASSOWARY FOOD"]

Mugman: Aw, thanks! C'mon Sunshine!

[Mugman takes the bag. Sunshine follows Mugman out of the store.]

Phil: I hate that cassowary...

[Back at Mugman's house. Mugman opens the bag and empties the contents, various fruit including plums and a whole watermelon, into Sunshine's bowl. Sunshine immediately eats it. Mugman looks at the empty bowl.]

Mugman: I wish this came in a bigger bag...

[The episode ends and the credits roll.]

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