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She is athletic and strong, though she's usually seen on the couch either watching TV or reading a book. She can be very irritable, so things can easily get on her nerves. There's often tension between her and her brother, but she still loves him and cares about him. She often cracks jokes or sarcastic comments depending on the situation..


Teanna’s face looks similar to Mugman, but has pineapple skin, and long dark bronze hair and a neat. She has an aqua teacup on the left side of her head and has an aqua teacup with aqua shorts.

Teanna turns her head, the teacup will switch sides.

Cartoon Appearances[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]



  • Her design in "Mugman Gets Into Shape" is slightly different compared to later episodes, looking shorter and wider.
  • According to Jacob Lenard, Teanna was originally supposed to have a Boston accent, but DaCosta couldn't do it, so she used her normal voice instead.
  • According to a description to an Scrapped episode "Uncle Brewstein's Visit" an upcoming cartoon about Mugman's drunk uncle visiting the house and causing ruckus but was scrapped on January, Jacob Lenard says Teanna's voice actress (as usual) was unable to record for a long period of time (and never did) and her role in the episode was pointless. Jacob also mentioned that he's also cutting Teanna off from Mugman (when he brings back the show) resulting her to retire from the show.


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