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The Big-Mouthed Bumbler

The most annoying character since Yoko Ono







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Mugman, Pementa, Teanna, Mr. Bob, His ex-wife


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First Appearance

"The Big-Mouthed Bumbler"


Dan Lenard

 Not to be mistaken with the episode of the same name.

The Big-Mouthed Bumbler is an annoying and talkative bumblebee who appears in the episode "The Big-Mouthed Bumbler."


The Big-Mouthed Bumbler is a bumble bumble with bumble teeth and a bumble hat with bumble and white "jailbumble" stripes on it. He also lacks bumbles, which is problematic since he couldn't catch a home run from one of his favorite baseball players which is a major inconvenience.


The Bumbler is an extremely annoying bumble bee who escaped from the Prison for the Criminally Annoying, which surprisingly doesn't have a page. He talks almost constantly, often about mundane and trivial things. He is an avid sports fan and has the autographed baseball cap of Paul Bumble. He is shown to be able to fly, which shouldn't happen because their wings are too small to get their fat little body off the ground.

The Big-Mouthed Bumbler, of course, flies anyway, because the Big-Mouthed Bumbler doesn't care about what humans think is impossible.


The Bumbler reveals that his wife left him because he was "too bumble," which he finds hard to believe. He also stated that he wishes to find his wife. He moves in with Mugman until Mugman finds out that the Bumbler is an escaped criminal and calls the police, which also somehow doesn't have a page. Officer Mr. Bob arrests him but then returns him to Mugman since he was too annoying. He is finally devoured by a hungry Sunshine. He is later heard talking from inside Sunshine's stomach. Originally, it was unknown if he is deceased following the episode but he made another appearance as a cameo in "Wedgwood Marathon" .


  • Info about the Bumbler has been posted on Jacob Lenard's twitter, and "leaked" through his YouTube streams.
  • The Bumbler has a similar appearance and role to Cheese from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • The Bumbler is so far the most anthropomorphized animal character in the series (excluding Teanna after being turned into a squirrel in Mugman and the Wand).
  • It was hinted during a stream on Jacob Lenard's YouTube channel that the Bumbler would die a gristly death at the hands of a hungry Sunshine. This was proven to be partially true when the episode was released (except that he ended up not dying, but he was devoured by Sunshine).
  • The Bumbler claims to be good at the game show One Strike!.
  • He appeared in concept art with "The Mugger" as shown on lemurboy123's twitter here.
  • He also likes honey on his popcorn, since he is a bee.
  • He made a short cameo in Wedgwood Marathon.
  • Bumble.