The Mugger is the first video that ever included Mugman. It was an episode on The Dups.


A "criminal" breaks in!


The episode starts off with Meerkat Dude asks for a large coffee, while Forky jokingly says "Yeah, because what else would you get in a coffee shop?" Mr. Bob takes it seriously by saying it was donuts, but Forky tells him to shut up mid-sentence, which makes Mr. Bob depressed. As Forky looks through the cups (whilst throwing out other objects out of his way), there appears to be no cups available. A few moments later, a mischievous mug named Mugman violently opens the doors, as he announces that he is "Mugman the Mugger".

Mugman passes through other people and walks up to Forky, telling him that he will get his cups - "mugs, that is!". Mugman throws a mug at him, which misses and breaks at the foot of the counter. As Mugman gets embarrassed, he continues to be "evil" by telling everyone to not step on the glass.

A moment of silence occurs after that, and Mugman announces that he is "evil" and they will all figure out that he's actually evil one day. As he runs out of the doors crying, the Annoying Kid laughs at him, calling him a "loser" and saying that he should "go jump off a cliff." As Mugman hears this, he comes back, throwing a mug at the Annoying Kid, but misses once again. The Annoying Kid laughs hysterically after that, then Mugman leaves in shame. Forky breaks the fourth wall by telling "kids" not to attempt to be a criminal, or they might end up like Mugman.


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  • This episode features the first video appearance of Mugman.
  • Canonically, the Mugman character that appears in The Mugger is a "bizarro" version of the Mugman in the series, as shown in Mugman and the Wand. This is likely due to the series-driven Mugman being an entirely different character from this version, as well as Jacob Lenard's dissatisfaction with The Mugger and its notoriety as being a part of "The Dups."
  • The Annoying Kid has some similarities to Johnny in appearance and role; however, he is much less "cool" than Johnny, and is more of an annoying loudmouth.
  • The Meerkat Dude's face is identical to a mask owned by Jacob Lenard. The character appears in several other Dups cartoons.
  • "The Mugger" later appears in concept art as an inmate in the Prison for the Criminally Annoying, sitting next to The Big-Mouthed Bumbler.


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