(The video starts when Meerkat Dude takes his order in a coffee shop.)

Meerkat Dude: I'd like a large... coffee.

(Pan to Forky the Meatball, who is behind the counter.)

Forky: Yeah, because what else would ya' get in a coffee shop?

(Cut to Mr. Bob.)


(Cut to Forky.)

ForkyShut up.

(Mr. Bob makes a sad face as he looks at the floor.)

(Forky goes to the back, and throws out various stuff, such as Rodney Guy, a baseball, Jamie, etc.)

Forky: (offscreen) Aw, crap...

(Forky returns.)

Forky: We're outta cups.

(Suddenly, Mugman opens the doors hardly, causing a guy to throw his coffee across the room.)

Mugman: Hello, civilians! It is I, Mugman, the Mugger!

(The words "MUG MAN" and "THE MUGGER" appear on the screen as he speaks. He walks up to the counter, pushing away a person.)

Mugman: if it's cups you wanted, then it's cups that you'll get, MUGS, that is!

Forky: (angry) What will YOU gonna do?

Mugman: Prepare to get... MUGGED!

(As Mugman says this, Scammers gets out of his chair and gets out a video camera.)

(Mugman throws a mug at Forky in slow motion, but misses and hits the counter instead.)

(Mugman gets silent and looks around.)

Mugman: ...d-don't step on it!

(Scammers and Forky look at Mugman blankly.)

(Mugman looks over to his right and he sweats.)

(Everyone in the Coffee Shop is looking at him strangely.)

Mugman: ...I'M EVIL! You'll all see one day...

(Mugman runs away and cries.)

Annoying Kid: Eheheh! What a loser! Eheheh, wow! Eheh, he would just jump off a cliff, eheh!

(As Mugman hears this, he turns around and throws a mug at the Annoying Kid, but misses.)


(Mugman gives a shockingly face and runs away.)

(Cut to inside the Coffee Shop. Mr. Bob is now holding a flag for Mugman, a lMugman plush and a red mug on his head, like Mugman. He watches as Mugman runs away and looks at the floor sad.)

Scammers: Well, the [unaudible] again...

(Cut to a shot of Forky.)

Forky: ...well, remember kids. Don't be a criminal, or you'll end up like THAT guy. (Points his fork at the direction Mugman went.)


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