"Teanna, Mom and Dad sent us a drunk guy!"
- Mugman

Uncle Brewstein's Visit is a scrapped Mugman cartoon planned by Jacob Lenard. It was produced during 2016 but later scrapped in early 2017. 57 seconds of finished animation were uploaded to Lenstar Extras (formerly known as Lemur Extras) on January 21, 2017.

Plot Edit

Uncle Brewstein is sent to Mugman and Teanna's house by their parents with a note attached to him saying that he is their problem now. The rest of the plot would've involved Uncle Brewstein being a nuisance to Mugman and Teanna and generally causing trouble.

Production Edit

Jacob Lenard was seen working on the episode during a stream in November 2016. As of January 21, 2017 the cartoon was scrapped. According to Lenard, the project was coming along nicely with good jokes and significantly better animation but it began hitting many problems during production.

A major issue during production was Teanna's voice actress unable to record for long periods of time and Lenard found her role pointless (which eventually lead to her scrapping from the series). There were also many plot problems. Lenard stated that it had been sitting around for months before finally being scrapped.

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