Unfinished Johnny Papa Animation is a short, unfinished cartoon featuring Johnny and Papa. It can be found on Jacob's YouTube channel, alongside Mugman and other, older videos.

Description Edit

The Unfinished Johnny Papa Animation is an unfinished sequel to "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa", a previously released short starring Johnny and Papa. The animation is very similar to the Mugman series, but with watercolor backgrounds instead of digital.

Plot Edit

There is little to no plot to the cartoon itself. It consists of Johnny and Papa arguing about strange and mundane things, like stairs and a goose, and is not fully animated. The dialogue has an "improvised" quality. The cartoon will likely remain unfinished now that the characters have been absorbed into Mugman.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time that Matthew Short and Elli Wedeki voiced their respective Papa and Johnny characters; the first was "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa".
  • This and the first "Johnny" cartoon are the only source for what Johnny's house looks like inside, save for the garage shown in "Mugman Gets Into Shape".
  • It is possible that the watercolor backgrounds represent what Johnny's house actually looks like inside, although there is no evidence that Mugman even exists in the universe depicted in the two "Johnny" videos.
  • Although it was released after the first few Mugman videos, it is safe to assume that this video is a precursor to the series as we know it today, along with The Dups.
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