Weird Mugman Dream is the third short in Mugman and the sixth animation overall.


A recreation of a dream Jacob Lenard had one night.



  • This is the shortest Mugman animation, being only sixteen seconds long.
  • The clip that shows Mugman waking up is re-used from "Mugman Can't Sleep".
  • There is a "sequel" to this animation.
  • The song that plays during this short is a sped-up version of the Mugman production song titled "stroll." The normal version of the song appears at the beginning of "Mugman's Wish" and "Dollar Land."



[The whole animation is weirdly animated and drawn]

Mugman: Hey Teanna! [Mugman takes out a cup] Would you like a drink?

[Teanna grins and Mugman throws the water all over her. Sad music plays and fades to black until Mugman wakes up in bed.]

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