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Mugman- Weird Mugman Dream 2

Weird Mugman Dream 2 is a is the fourth short in the Mugman series and the twelfth animation overall.


A weird short based on a dream that Jacob Lenard had. It looks and sounds like it was recorded onto a VHS tape.



The short is only 20 seconds long. It begins with a blank blue screen, then cuts to Teanna with a blue body, green eyes and breasts, sitting on an armchair. Mugman "walks" by and says "Hi, Johnny!" and Teanna barks. The blue screen then returns, and wipes in a circular motion, pushing Teanna off-screen. The song "Campfire" plays, and the screen transitions to grey. The words "You have watched" glide on screen, which cuts to "a production" and the short ends.


  • Apparently, Jacob Lenard created this short while at school.
  • This is somewhat of a "sequel" to Weird Mugman Dream.
  • Curiously, this short does not end with Mugman waking up, unlike the first "Weird Mugman Dream" short.