What's Up, Mugman? was a talk show episode featuring Mugman as the host. The guest star was Plancy from Lenard's other series "Plancy's World".

The cartoon was produced due to "Mugman" being in creative limbo at the time and Lenard wanted to use the character.

It is not currently available on the Lenstar Productions channel, though there are deleted scenes on the Lemur Extras channel and one user uploaded a version of the cartoon with the deleted scenes inserted in.

Description Edit

Due to creative bankruptcy, Mugman hosts a talk show!

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first and only time Mugman and Plancy's World had a crossover.
  • Lemur had fun making the episode but after he watched it again, he didn't like it.
  • It was originally uploaded with copyrighted music, so it was taken down and uploaded with non-copyrighted music.

Credits Edit

Animation: Jacob Lenard

Voices: Jacob Lenard as Mugman, Shanon Torrence as Plancy, Dan Lenard as Flower and the Announcer.

Set Builder: Marcy Lenard

Episode Edit

What's Up, Mugman? (Extended Version)

What's Up, Mugman? (Extended Version)

Unofficial re-upload.

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